Sindoh boosts 3D printer business for schools, consumers

Sindoh emphasizes that the 3DWOX is the world's first 3D printer that is integrated with the 3D design software SOLIDWORKS, which has more than 5 million active daily users worldwide. Though the 2D printing sector is the largest income source for Sindoh, the market has already been saturated and the world is becoming paperless after smartphones and tablet computers, Sindoh has sought for a breakthrough in the 3D printing business. Sindoh will focus on entry-class consumers rather than pushing to expand to high-cost industrial models. Sindoh is targeting at customers in the United States and Europe, which have the largest 3D printer markets, and will broaden the target to other regions such as China and Japan. Sindoh believes that 3DWOX has its strong price competitiveness as the company many shares many common parts for both 2D and 3D printers. 3DWOX is only to be upgraded to support cloud-based remote printing functions to make them more convenient to use.